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Cell Technology Polycrystalline Silicon
Number of Cells Per Module 60
Cell Dimensions 156 X 156mm ( 6 inches)
Mechanical Data
Dimension of Module L x W x H 1640x992x40 mm. Code: PV-30027 (ZT240P)
Weight 18kg
Electrical Data
Gs 210s Gs215s
Maximum Power Pmax 250 255
Open Circuit Voltage Voc 36.97 31.10
Maximum Power Poit Voltage Vmpp 30.39 30.14
Short Circuit Current Isc 9.29 9.34
Maximum Power Poit Current Impp 8.23 8.28
FF Factor - -
Module efficiency - -

*At Standard Conditions(STC) irradiance 1000 Volt/m 2 . Spectrum AM 1.5 at a cell temperature of 25oc

Termal data
NOCT 45C2Coc ±
Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.275%/C oc
Temperature Coefficient of Isc +0.023 %/C % / oc
Temperature Coefficient of Power -0.40% / Coc

*NOCT: Normal operational temperature in celsius

System Integrated Parameter
Maximum System Voltage SCII 1000 VDC (UL1000V)
Maximum reverse current Do not apply external voltages larger than Voc to the module
Additional Data
Junction Box IP67 Module Rated / 3 Bypass Diodes IP67
Connector MC4 or MC4 Compatible
Power tolerance ± -
Cable 4 mm PV cable, 900mm
Cable Lenths -
Bypass Diodes