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Why Solar?

"In Future the only option to produce electricity in solar Resource" solar-energy

Financial Benefits

  • By the Nature's gift of Sun, electricity is generated without any monthly expense.
  • Generally the electricity in day time consumption is 100% free by Solar Energy.
  • The inverter which is normally used for power backup consumes more than 50 units per month, where as in solar system the power bank is freely charged by solar energy thereby electricity bill is reduced considerably. Low or Note Maintenance
  • Solar Power systems are virtually maintenance free for nearly 25 years.
  • The size of the solar power system can be increased in future as per the requirement without disturbing the existing erected system.
  • The solar power system are not damaged due to rain or any moderate weather condition.
  • Hence, solar power systems require either less maintenance or no maintenance for at least 25 years.


  • Solar power systems work on energy obtained from the sun which is a renewable energy soure and its sustainable.
  • Hence, conventional energy sources such as gas, oil, coal, hydraulic etc., which are drawing close to extinction can be used for other purposes.
  • Solar energy does not contribute to global warming, acid rain etc, but helps to lower harmful green house gas emission, there try saving mother earth.

Independent / Semi-independent

  • Stems power system will automatically switchover to EB Power supply in the event of failure of solar power generation and also share adequate power requirement if consumption is more and over and also switch over to power bank in case both solar & EB supply fails without human intervention.
  • Solar power systems can operate entirely independent from power or gas grid, therefore these systems can be installed in remote locations also.